понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

Our English Classes

Hey everybody!
Speaking bout our English classes...I can say they totally differ from our previous ones!And I like that!Earlier we were learning more poems, texts by heart, developing our memory, increasing our vocabulary, but now we're involved in active communication at our classes. I enjoy the way our teacher presents some new material, giving us  to do crosswords, guess the riddles etc. I appreciate her style of communication with students,cuz it's a rare case when a teacher behaves so sincerely,open-hearted...I think, it makes us(students) feel more comfortable! I like the way she varies the methods of teaching, that's why we're always excited at classes. Probably our homework sometimes seems to be complicated, cuz we've got used to work in a diffirent way,but in my opinion these tasks make us working creatively, thinking over each assignment properly. So...I hope our mutual work and efforts won't be in vain!